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We Are: A health and fitness app with complete training plans that empower you to strength train and achieve your goals.

Founded: 2013 in San Francisco, CA by Erin Parker and Nidhi Kulkarni.

Where can I download the app? The app is free on the iPhone App Store.

How is Spitfire different from other fitness apps? The app teaches you how to train like an athlete with goal-based training plans that last four weeks long with 3-4 days of training each week. Each training day has a focus and includes a dynamic warm-up and mobility-enhancing cool-down. By training like an athlete with proper warm-up and cool-down, you reduce your risk of injury and have confidence that you're training to achieve your goals.

Is the app just for women? The app can be used by both men and women because our training plans are goal-oriented. We are passionate about empowering women to strength train and highlight top female athletes and coaches throughout the app.

How did the name Spitfire come about? Spitfire used to describe a woman with a fiery temper. Today, the word spitfire embodies the strength, intelligence, and ambition of the modern day woman. We are intelligent, dauntless, and driven. We are spitfires.

Why did we decide to make the app? As long-time athletes, we were upset with the quality of most apps on the market, how they portray women, and the goals they assume we aspire to. Many fitness resources are entirely bodypart-centric and promote "looks" instead of developing abilities. Our dent in the universe is to promote the athlete's mentality - it's about what you can do, what you can achieve. We promote goal achievement - whether your goal is strength, physique, flexibility - we wanted to make an app that would show you how to achieve that. You can achieve anything - why not dream big?

Who made the app? Erin and Nidhi are full-stack engineers and have designed and built 100% of the app. We partnered with athletes and coaches for the training plan content, but all the pixel magic comes from us.

Awards: The app was awarded "Best iOS App" and "Best Overall App" at the Code Path 2013 Demo Day, a challenging engineering bootcamp for professional developers. At the demo day, the app was judged by VPs of Engineering at various mobile companies.

Nidhi Kulkarni - Founder and CEO: Nidhi is an MIT Alumnae with a B.S. in Computer Science. She is a full-stack software engineer with serious chops in iOS and Android dev, Golang, java, and python. She competed in D1 rowing while at MIT and continues to row and strength train.

Erin Parker - Founder: Erin graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Economics. She is a self-taught iOS Engineer. She competes in women's 48kg olympic weightlifting. Prior to weightlifting she ran several marathons and won a first to 10,000 push-ups competition.

Contact Person:
Nidhi Kulkarni
Founder and CEO
nidhi at spitfireathlete dot com