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I started off 3 years ago with running, to lose weight, then last year I got into strength training. I went on the App Store and found Spitfire. I saw how amazing it looked, and thought, "Wow, this app shows pictures of girls just like me working their asses off, I definitely want to be like them!" It took me nearly 4 months to finish a 4 week program because my body wasn't used to intense training like this. I'm very impressed with the results that I got. My physical body has improved, and my mental strength has greatly improved. Trust me, even if you don't get the results you will still benefit in some way, even if you can't see it. Building strength is far more than just the physical aspect. Building strength is the greatest thing you can do for every aspect of your body. It makes you resilient, self reliant, and a hard worker. It's a long journey, but it definitely is all worth it. When you workout, you gain this power in your mind that you can't get from anything else. No one can make you work out, but you. It's all up to you whether you want to feel that power or not. I did.



Hey fellow badass Spitfire Athletes! I just wanted to share with ya'll like-minded strong females...my fitness journey. I am a long distance runner. I've done many half marathons, one full marathon, and training for my 2nd full now. My girl Ava told me about the Spitfire app and the awesome group of girls who love to encourage each other. I immediately fell in love with this group! I am not a runner who neglects weight training. Actually, I love hitting the iron hard just as much as I love running! I've completed the Spitfire Warrior program and have done about 1/2 of the Dauntless Bikini program. The Warrior suited me well bc I am obsessed with squatting and dead lifting HEAVY! Through the encouragement and eagerness to share with you (as we all do) my progress in physical strength and getting stronger I've been able to continuously up my weights in squats and deadlifts. With that and running you could imagine I eat ALL THE TIME! Eat all the food! Lift all the weights! Haha.. Some don't realize that with physical strength and lifting heavy comes a lot of mental strength. You've got to believe in yourself and constantly tell yourself "You got this. You're gonna lift this shit and you're gonna put it down. Then you're gonna do it again!" I DL 185lbs now and hope to be up to 200 soon. I weigh about 124 give/take. Through this program it's shown me that I am capable of being strong, healthy as well as gaining sexy curves I've never had before! It's truly amazing watching my body change. Thank you Spitfire founders for this opportunity to grow in this group.



I found Spitfire through a ladies in tech listserv I’m on, and I was beyond impressed with the founding team. It’s the only weightlifting app that is truly by women for women. It was designed, coded, researched, marketed by tech ladies who lift heavy things and kick ass at both. Let me say, it’s SO refreshing to write about this app. I’ve been using this app in conjunction with training for a half-marathon and mid-term election season (I’m in political advertising), so I’ll be honest that I haven’t stuck to the calendar as proposed in the app. HOWEVER a miraculous thing has happened with my body: I can feel how much stronger I am and it’s only been two weeks of lifting heavy weights. In terms of looks, I’m toned as shit for only 2 weeks.



I was athletic from a young age, but was always averse to weightlifting. On one hand, gym memberships where I'm from are expensive, and on the other, I bought into the misconception that strength training makes women bulky. I chanced upon Spitfire Athlete one day in the app store, and was truly blown away. The app is intuitive and beautiful, and provides step-by-step guidance through each workout. This makes it ideal for anyone who is new to strength training, or even somehow who has been strength training for a while, but wants to be sure that they are hitting each exercise with proper form. On top of this, Spitfire Athlete has workouts that can be done with just your bodyweight! This is great for anyone who is constantly on-the-go, or who, like me, can't afford a gym membership. My first 4-week bodyweight training programme flew by. At the end of it, it was obvious that I hadn't just made improvements to my physique - I was also stronger. I felt more capable, more empowered, and definitely more badass. Strength training is now a regular part of my fitness regime. It helps me excel in the sports I love, and more fundamentally, makes me feel great. Come on board with the Spitfire family, you won't regret it!



I loved The Warrior and absolutely saw results. I think the best part for me though was the feeling that I was accomplishing something every day - adding more weight slowly with each workout made me realize that I could do it and I am much stronger than I thought. I have never weight lifted before using a training program and found this program was perfect for me as a beginner. It just made sense and wasn't overwhelming. I used both the pictures and videos to make sure I knew what to do- that was super helpful. I could tell it was designed by women for women because I felt...comfortable and inspired. Thank you :)



Just wanted to say how much I LOVE spitfire athlete! Since I started using your app (very end of January) and finishing the warrior, the heroine and the champion and currently on week 4 of the fearless; I've dropped an additional 17.5lbs of fat and gaining lean muscle instead. I love that I'm changing and sculpting the shape of my body by becoming strong while doing everything at home! Thank you for the awesome plans and information!



Spitfire is not just a fitness app - it's a lifestyle change! Before I started using this app, I had a negative view of myself and was pretty much the stereotypical lazy person who just didn't want to work out. After I started using this app, I noticed I became stronger and able to do little things like lift my luggage! My body also started changing, and I started feeling better and more confident. The more I worked out - either with bodyweight exercises or weight training - the more confident and joyful I became! Eventually, my family and friends noticed just how much more strong and assured I became. Like I said, this app is not just a fitness app - it's a lifestyle change!



During my time as a college athlete I developed a love for strength training, but after graduating I felt like I didn't have the resources to strength train at the same level anymore. Once I discovered Spitfire Athlete, I was totally obsessed because unlike other training apps, this one is focused on using weights and training like a true athlete. I love how Spitfire Athlete emphasizes building true strength -- a flat tummy or nice round butt can definitely be a side effect, but the plans are really focused on helping you become the strongest version of yourself. The training plans are extremely helpful to take with me to the gym. When I work out using Spitfire Athlete, I feel like I'm back in the weight room with my college strength coach. I also appreciate how the plans are tailored for all levels, for example I use the Spitfire Athlete's bodyweight plans for my High School Track & Field athletes!



I’m a Preschool Assistant and recent graduate with a degree in Pharmaceutical Marketing. I was on the app store looking for health and fitness apps when I found Spitfire. I picked the Heroine 4 Week Plan, did it once to try it out, but I really liked it so I ended up doing it again. At first I was afraid of lifting, but eventually with encouragement I realized that you’re not going to turn into a bodybuilder, instead you’ll just actually become stronger. You’ll actually be able to lift heavy things. So don't be afraid that you can’t do it, or that you’re not going to be good at it. I was at first. When I started doing more reps in a minute, I started feeling so proud of myself and realizing how much I can do. Now I’d say do it for that feeling - that feeling where you’re just proud of yourself. Lucille Ball once said, "Love yourself first and everything else falls in line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world." I think this is so true. This is why I workout, it's not to impress anyone but myself.



I started lifting in January with my husband. At the time I couldn't even squat 45!! Today, I finished The Warrior!! So happy - this is the first ever workout plan that I've ever followed through. Honestly was a great way to get into lifting. Saturday I'll be starting the champion after a training session on lifting technique at my gym. Results: Bench Press: 65 lbs ↗ 90 lbs, Military Press: 45 lbs ↗ 65 lbs, Barbell Squat: 65 lbs ↗ 130 lbs, Deadlift: 95 lbs ↗ 155 lbs. I've fallen in love with lifting. Can't wait to start a new program once this is finished.



I have now completed the Heroine once, the Finisher twice, and am working on the Conqueror training plan. I love that they are body weight exercises that I can do from home if I don't have time to get to the gym, and I can still go running before or after the workouts if I have time. There have been noticeable improvements after every program and I am really happy with it because the timer and the workout design helps me to push myself much more than I would on my own. In particular, I was sort of skeptical about the Conqueror because it relies on HIIT, which are high intensity but so short that I didn't think it could really be that effective. But after just 3 weeks, I've seen a dramatic increase in arm strength, which has always been my weak point, so I'm pretty impressed! For me, working out has always been about pushing my limits, mentally as much as physically. After completing a difficult workout, I feel ready to take on any other stresses that life throws at me. I also notice that I carry myself differently as I become stronger: I'm more confident in how I look and how I move. The other day my husband and I were carrying some heavier furniture up the stairs and he asked me if I could handle it. I told him of course! What's the point of building upper body strength if I never use it in "real life"? So it felt really good to be able to hold my own. My crew coach in college always used to joke that "everything is a race!" and I love throwing that at people now. If someone asks, why are you trying so hard and trying to be so fast with such-and-such, I tell them that "everything's a race" - what it means to me is that you can always try to be the best in any situation, physical or otherwise.



Spitfire has kind of saved my life. I was diagnosed with anorexia 2 years ago, and since I have weight restored... But have also been trying to control my weight through exercise and eating. I downloaded the spitfire app knowing that it would make me stronger. That's what I wanted to do, turn my mind into wanting to be strong and fit, not skinny. And strong and fit it did. After 4 weeks following The Warrior, I had gained one kilo. I initially freaked out about the weight gain... But I realized it was probably all muscle, and I was so proud. I was changing myself to be strong. Not skinny and weak and fight all my problems by starving myself and over exercising. I was using exercise as a stress reliever, and to build my body healthy again. I'm moving on to complete 12 weeks of The Fearless. I no longer fear gaining weight. I no longer fear fatiguing my body, because I don't let myself get that bad. I no longer fear my eating disorder, because it doesn't exist. I work out to build muscle, to gain weight, to become strong, to relieve my stresses and anxieties. No longer to lose weight. No longer to be sick or hungry or unhealthy. Spitfire and this training plan has changed my life and my mindset. THANK YOU!!!



I simply found your app while looking for a real workout app in the app store. All the other options were just fluff and didn't really offer any real workouts that are challenging as well as thoughtfully laid out. Your program is really concise and offers a broad range of plans that sufficiently kick your ass. The first plan I did was The Champion. But I have used 5 different plans. I like to push myself as much as possible while being careful to not injure myself! Building strength to me is vitally important. I travel by myself for a living so I like to be in shape and strong. It is more of a mental exercise in the ability to overcome physical pain and achieve results. I feel better mentally when I exercise on a regular bases which I feel is just as important if not more so than being a certain size. Regular exercise to me is like meditation, good for my body and soul. Thank you for taking the time to reach out to the people who use your wonderful workouts!



While I have been interested in fitness for a while, I never knew how to challenge myself. I would go to the gym sporadically, but I wasn’t quite sure what to do while I was there. I felt like I was wasting my time and never seeing results. One of my friends mentioned Spitfire, explaining that it would help me get stronger. I was skeptical about another fitness app, but I decided to give it a shot. I am so glad I did - Spitfire gave me the momentum and organization I needed to make a positive change in my life. I chose the plan called “The Champion”. This plan helped me finally learn how to use the gym correctly. In addition to physically seeing the results of my hard work in the mirror, it felt so satisfying to pick up weights heavier than I ever thought I could lift. Most importantly, I gained perseverance and self-discipline: skills that continue to help me in all facets of life. I am so excited to complete more advanced plans and watch myself grow even stronger. Viewed from the outside, building strength seems to be about extreme deadlifts and protein shakes. I now see that its deeper than that. Building strength is a new life direction. When I go to the gym and lift weights, I gain more than just muscles. I gain health, energy, confidence, and self-sufficiency. I plan on continuing on this journey with Spitfire as I grow into a stronger, happier woman.



I started lifting in high school and even competed in body building competitions, however looking good for other people led me down a road of low self esteem. In the past few years I have rediscovered my love for fitness, not just playing sports but really the catharsis of sweating in the gym. I have always been a skier and softball player. My gym workouts thus consisted of cardio, and I really was not getting the results I wanted. I stumbled upon this app and by the end of my first 4 week program I could tell the change. I love love love it! I like being confident in my body’s ability to hike, run, ski, or do whatever is thrown out in front of me!



I have always been intimidated by weights and the machines at the gym seemed confusing; I had no idea where to start. I made my husband go with me the first few times I was so embarrassed that I could barely lift a barbell without any plates on them. I almost quit that day but because I've had other injuries that probably could have been avoided if I had more strength I decided to try to find a simple workout plan to get started and just happened to stumble upon the Spitfire app.

Over the last few months; but especially within the last six weeks I have seen a huge transformation in myself; not just physically but emotionally too. To me; the strength I have built so far has so many components. For the first time in my entire life I am proud of my body; I have almost tripled the amount of weight I can lift on almost every exercise I do. On the dark days when my depression hits hard and it takes every ounce of strength to get out of bed; knowing it's a gym day gets me motivated. Most of all; my husband and daughters notice the confidence and peace I am gaining. I love the example that I am setting for our girls; our oldest just completed strength training in her PE class and she was excited that she was getting to do some of the same workouts I am. I am also motivating my husband to keep going to the gym so that he can keep up with me; I love that we push each other to keep going.

It also carries over to the other activities I participate in. I am a first degree black belt in a Korean Martial Art called Kuk Sool Won; it is a fantastic workout but I often found myself not able to practice to the level I would like to; now that I have built up some strength I find that I am able to perform techniques with more control and ease; my endurance has increased greatly and I get more out of my classes. I have begun running short distances again in addition to swimming and I am planning to participate in several triathlons this year.

I completed the Champion workout on Tuesday and this morning I started the Fearless program. I cannot wait to see how much more I gain over the next few months; I couldn't be happier with the results I have gotten so far!



I am a 44-year-old professional and mother of 2 kids. I am a petrophysicist, working full time for an oil company. I didn't participate in sports as a child, but am a very active adult! Building strength started with me wanting to carry my children up our stairs to bed if they fell asleep on the couch. However, the children continue to grow so I've had to get a lot stronger! Early in my weight training journey I entered a corporate "Show of Strength" contest and proceeded to win it 3 years running. Now I'm hooked. My personal goal is to continue to work on squats after a knee injury (and accept where I am now with more grace). My family goal is to continue to get the family to join me, such as another 5k with my daughter. The photo is me and my 7-year old before our first 5k last January. Spitfire plans completed: The Fighter, The Heroine, currently training with The Rock Climber.



I am a 30-year old professional who works in the Mental Health field. I play soccer on various women's and co-ed teams (play center mid) and recently realized how much I love strength-training. I have been intimidated by the weight-room at my gym for years. I wanted to do more strength-training, but was extremely nervous to just go out and do it. I was worried about my form, and what weight I should be starting with. What I love most about spitfire is that it takes the guess work out and allows me the confidence to be lifting right next to the boys. I look forward to going to the gym because I arrive armed with knowledge and a plan for the day. No longer am I pacing around the gym figuring out what exercises to do, or doing a half-assed ab exercise because I don't know what I should be doing. My upper-body strength has improved big time! Within just a couple weeks during one of the plans, I was getting compliments on my toned arms and I felt stronger than ever. Additionally, it has helped my stamina in soccer, as well as my kick, which I never expected. The full-body focus of some of the plans and exercises really makes me feel like I'm getting everything I need out of my time at the gym. It has also inspired me to help others in my life feel more confident lifting (even my husband)! Strength is about how you feel, inside and out. I feel physically stronger and with this newly acquired strength, I feel emotionally stronger and resilient. When I'm at my "strongest" I feel like nothing can stop me. I cannot say enough amazing things about spitfire! I tell all my friends about this app - it's really been amazing to incorporate into my life.



Spitfire is the girl gang I have wanted. I enjoy using social media. It helps me with my anxiety a lot of the times. I don't enjoy things where I do not feel included. Having somewhere to go where we are all on the same page has a positive impact on my day to day living. It's nice having programs that I can actually follow, go at my own pace or slightly modify to meet my needs. It's comforting. Spitfire has helped reach my goals by being a constant reminder. It will continue to help me as the days pass. Building strength to me means getting up everyday and doing what you say you wanted. Whether that be all 8 loads of laundry or climb a mountain. Each day we make a choice to complete these things. There is always time. It's how we chose to fill it.



I love Spitfire programs because they keep me stimulated and always challenge me to push and strive for that next level. I also love that they are designed by women for women. I have recommended Spitfire to others as well because I believe in what it has done for me. I am inspired to utilize the training programs to assist me in obtaining a solid foundation needed for competition training. Strength to me is empowerment. It's amazing how much physically and mentally stronger I have become over the last 2 years. I love that my biceps have shape, that my shoulders are becoming more defined; that I can lift and push more weight than ever. I also enjoy that I have the mental capacity to push myself and the confidence that comes from all the hard work I put in to making my body the BEST it can be. I can't wait to continue moving forward. I want to show women of all ages that strength doesn't mean bulk and that I have my struggles too. I want to be an example for my daughter and her friends that a healthy lifestyle yields so many advantages. Age or gender never has to define you or stop you. One of my close friends said this quote reminds her of me, "Some women fear the fire. Some women simply become it." I couldn't agree more. In essence become the change you wish to see in the world!



Spitfire has been helpful in taking the guesswork out of a workout plan. It gives me an easy-to-follow, trackable roadmap to getting the results I want so I can concentrate on listening to a podcast while I work out. Moms gotta mulit-task. I posted a full-body pic on Facebook a couple weeks ago for the first time since I started getting fit. I was amazed at the response I got! It inspired a few people to get moving too. That was really worth the hard work.

Built by two female engineers who are competitive athletes



Erin is a serial entrepreneur and full stack engineer. She graduated from Stanford and competes nationally in the sport of olympic weightlifting. Prior to weightlifting she ran several marathons and won a first to 10,000 push-ups competition.



Nidhi is a wizard-class full-stack engineer. She graduated from MIT with a B.S. in Computer Science and competed in NCAA D1 Rowing MIT. She is currently a Masters rower and strength trains regularly.